Hangzhou Sihan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou Sihan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou SiHan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. provides high-quality endoscope repair services, including flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, camera systems, shaver systems, high frequency electrosurgery, insufflator, light source and more. We have refined endoscopy repair services to meet different equipment needs for your business.

As one of the endoscope repair companies, our mission is to innovate constantly in technical service and research, and create greater value for our customers. We offer fast and reliable technical support, repair, endoscopy maintenance, and research consultation, ensuring timely solutions for any problems.

In the pursuit of becoming an internationally leading endoscopy repair services company, we are committed to investing in technological innovation and talent development, and enhancing our service quality and technical expertise. We are determined to solve complex technical challenges and advance the industry, providing excellent support and service for our customers who seek for endoscopy replacement, repair, or endoscopy maintenance.

Different Types of Endoscopy Repair Services from Sihanmed

  • Regular maintenance of endoscope is crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Our engineers are professionally trained and proficient in endoscopy replacement and repair techniques of various rigid endoscopes. Our company has professional machines, laser welding, laser marking, polishing and image video equipment. We use the most professional techniques to repair rigid endoscopes at the most advanced technology center, ensuring the best results after your endoscope repair.
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  • We have many years of experience in repairing various surgical cameras and couplers. And we have a high-quality parts inventory, our capabilities cover all brands and models. As one of the leading endoscope repair companies, we summarize our experience in the repair process, and at the same time, we have developed and produced new compatible camera accessories, such as cables and coupler, to replace the repair with the same cost. Sihan Medical is fully committed to providing high-quality repairs with the fastest turnaround time and the lowest cost in the industry.
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  • Our company has many experienced circuit engineers who focus on chip-level repair and reverse engineering of circuits. We also have sufficient inventory of board parts to ensure diversified repair solutions for customers. We mainly repair endoscopes system equipments such as video processors, light sources, insufflator, electrosurgical unit, shaver systems, etc.
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Highlight of Sihanmed Endoscope Repair Service

  • High-quality Accessories

    During the maintenance of endoscope, SiHan Medical uses high-quality endoscope accessories to ensure that the performance is the same or similar to the factory after use, extend the service life, and avoid failures and damages that may be caused by low-quality or mismatched accessories. We also provide different models of accessories for sale.

  • Professional Technical Team

    Our exquisite craftsmanship and technology enable us to solve problems accurately and meet your needs. We have one-to-one professional customer service ready to serve you at any time. Find us to help you repair endoscopes, no matter offer or repair endoscopes.

  • High-precision Detection

    We have highly accurate performance testing equipment, which ensures comprehensive and accurate testing of medical devices when conducting the maintenance of endoscope. Whether it is sales or maintenance, we can guarantee the high quality of the equipment. Welcome to inquire about the equipment you are interested in.

What Customers Say about Sihanmed Endoscopy Repair Services

  • This H3-Z camera is in very good condition and the delivery was fast.

    Krystal from USA
  • I received the package and just tested this image 1 hub and camera. Everything is normal! Keep in touch.

    Peter from UK
  • Cable is good, same as the original. I will arrange to order more!

    Laura from Brazil