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We provided rigid endoscope repair with wide ranges. We can repair following items: ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephroscopy, transforaminal endoscopy, Leeson nephroscope, arthroscopy, sinusoscopy, resectoscope, etc. Professional Cystoscope repair and Laparoscope repair are offered, too.

Your rigid endoscope can be repaired at a much lower cost than the original factory, while maintaining high quality standards. Our endoscopes are repaired to ISO 9001, ISO13485 quality standards to ensure your rigid endoscope provides users with clear, high-resolution images to help customers achieve the best results from their treatments.

  • Storz Rigid Endoscopy Repair

    Repair Service For Storz 26003BA Repair Service For Storz 26005AA Repair Service For Storz 27005FA Repair Service For Storz 26020FA Repair Service For Storz 28731AE Repair Service For Storz 27005BA Repair Service For Storz 27005AA
  • Smith & Nephew Rigid Endoscopy Repair

    Repair Service For Smith & Nephew REF72202087 30° Repair Service For Smith & Nephew REF72202959 30° Repair Service For Smith & Nephew REF3894 30° Repair Service For Smith & Nephew REF7205682 30°
  • Wolf Rigid Endoscopy Repair

    Repair Service For Wolf 8703.534 Repair Service For Wolf 8705.534 Repair Service For Wolf 8964.401 Repair Service For Wolf 8968.405 Repair Service For Wolf 8934.432 Repair Service For Wolf 8934.433 Repair Service For Wolf 8654.422 Repair Service For Wolf 8986.401 Repair Service For Wolf 8476.433 Repair Service For Wolf 8476.435 Repair Service For Wolf 8650.415
  • Olympus Rigid Endoscopy Repair

    Repair Service For Olympus A1932A Repair Service For Olympus A1932A Repair Service For Olympus WA53005A Repair Service For Olympus WA53000A Repair Service For Olympus A4674A Repair Service For Olympus A4673A Repair Service For Olympus A70942A Repair Service For Olympus A70940A Repair Service For Olympus A22002A
Sihanmed Rigid Endoscope Repair

Sihanmed Rigid Endoscope Repairs Display

We offer a wide range of rigid endoscope repair services, including:

  • Objective Replacements

  • Rod Lens Replacements

  • Stainless Steel Tubing Replacements

  • Light Fibers Replacements

  • Light Post Replacements

  • Ocular Assembly Replacements

  • Eye Cup Replacements

Repair Lab View of Rigid Endoscopes

  • Check Ureteroscope
    Check Ureteroscope
  • Remove the Rod Lends
    Remove the Rod Lends
  • Ureteroscope Repair Details
    Ureteroscope Repair Details
  • Remove Ocular System
    Remove Ocular System

Common Issues and Maintenance Tips for Rigid Endoscopes

Common Problems of Rigid Endoscopes

Rigid endoscopes are complex optical devices that require proper care and maintenance to ensure their functionality and safety. Some of the common problems that can affect rigid endoscopes are:

  • Objective damage:

The distal tip of the rigid endoscope contains the objective lens, which is responsible for capturing the image of the surgical site. Tip damage can occur when the scope is hit by a shaver, laser, or other instrument during a procedure, or when it incurs impact during handling or storage. Tip damage can result in foggy, cloudy, or blurry images, or loss of image quality.

  • Light fiber damage:

The light beam of the rigid endoscope is responsible for illuminating the surgical site. Light beam damage can occur when the scope is exposed to excessive heat, moisture, or chemicals, or when it is bent or twisted during use or storage. Light beam damage can result in reduced or uneven illumination, or loss of light transmission.

  • Rod lens damage:

The rod lenses of the rigid endoscope are responsible for transmitting the image from the objective lens to the eyepiece. Rod lens damage can occur when the scope is subjected to shock, vibration, or pressure, or when it is contaminated by fluids, debris, or dust. Rod lens damage can result in foggy, cloudy, or blurry images, or loss of image resolution.

Maintenance of Rigid Endoscopes

The rigid scope is a delicate instrument that must be treated with care if it is to work properly. The quality of the image depends on the integrity of the glass rods that capture the image. Since these Rod Lenses are in a very thin metal shaft, the scope is a very delicate instrument. The smaller the diameter of the scope is and the longer the shaft of the scope, the greater the chance of fracture or misalignment of the small glass rods within the scope.

To safeguard your Rigid Endoscope, please observe the following guidelines. Note that these instructions are not intended for endoscopic surgery guidance or as a training manual. Adherence to these guidelines for handling, storage, and transport is crucial to prevent defects, decrease rigid endoscope repair, or usage limitations, applicable to both new and previously used scopes.

  • Treat rigid endoscopes with care, recognizing their fragility as optical devices.

  • Hold the rigid endoscope by its eyepiece or body, avoiding contact with the tube.

  • Refrain from bending the tube or subjecting it to mechanical stress.

  • Prevent contact between the objective and other instruments or surfaces.

  • Ideally, store rigid endoscopes individually.

  • Avoid dropping the rigid endoscope to prevent damage.

  • As a precaution, sterilize rigid endoscopes not utilized in a specific surgery.