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Hangzhou Sihan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Our range of medical endoscope for sale includes premium refurbished endoscopes and endoscopy equipment sourced from reputable medical endoscope manufacturers such as Storz and Olympus. Each piece undergoes meticulous calibration and rigorous testing, surpassing original manufacturer specifications. Our dedication lies in delivering endoscope medical instruments of the utmost quality, ensuring your access to top-notch equipment at highly competitive prices. Trust in our commitment to excellence as we are a convincing industrial endoscope manufacturer, providing you with reliable, cost-effective solutions for your endoscopy needs.
Each component of our instruments used in endoscopy is meticulously crafted through cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and premium materials. As an industrial endoscope manufacturer, our commitment to precision ensures not only accuracy but also remarkable longevity in performance. These components are designed to meet the exacting standards of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), specifically tailored for healthcare service providers like yourself. By choosing our endoscope parts, you are investing in reliability and durability, crucial aspects for seamless healthcare operations. We prioritize delivering products such as endoscopic surgical instruments not only meet but exceed the rigorous requirements of healthcare professionals, guaranteeing optimal functionality and contributing to the overall efficiency of your medical services.
With a comprehensive range of repair services, the medical endoscope supplier SIHANMED possesses the technical prowess and employs stringent testing procedures to guarantee medical endoscope for sale and the parts consistently adhere to optimal performance standards. Our adept team is well-equipped to handle repairs ranging from simple to complex, prioritizing precision and efficiency. When you seek for a professional industrial endoscope manufacturer or repairers, by entrusting us with your equipment maintenance needs, you not only mitigate costs but also significantly minimize potential risks to patient well-being. Rest assured, our commitment to excellence ensures that your medical instruments are in top-notch condition, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and patient safety.

Looking for medical endoscope manufacturers, endoscope components supplier or repairers? For more than 10 years, Sihanmed has been a technologically advanced service provider. Sihanmed provides complete repair solutions for all major brands of flexible and rigid endoscopes and equipment system. Besides, It is also one of the medical endoscope suppliers that cooperate with famous endoscopy brands and can directly sell related equipments at exclusive prices. Sihan stands by the business philosophy of "Customer-centric". With our rich field experience, perfect quality control and customer service system, we are confident to provide customers with reasonable and satisfactory repair plans.

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  • ISO 13485
    ISO 13485

    ISO 13485:2016 is the only choice when it comes to medical equipment qualit.


    Sihan's standard rigid endoscopes are repaired very fast.


    We use OEM parts in the endoscope repair process, ensuring they work at their best.


    Our repair parts are not only of the highest quality they are also cost-effective, allowing customers to extend the life of their endoscopes without breaking the budget.