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The quality of the endoscopeparts directly affects the product's performance. Sihan Medical provides high-quality endoscope parts, including rigid endoscope parts, camera head cables, repair tools, etc. These endoscope components are rigorously tested and certified, meeting international standards and requirements.

Sihan Medical’s endoscope parts for sale are compatible with various brands and models of endoscopes, such as Olympus, Pentax, Storz, etc. As one of the endoscopy equipment manufacturers with top technology, Sihan Medical is committed to providing excellent endoscopy machine parts, making endoscope use and maintenance more convenient, safe and efficient.

Endoscope Parts and Function

  1. Optical System: The optical system is one of the critical endoscopy scope parts. It includes lenses and fiber optics that transmit light and images from the inside of the body to the external camera. This system ensures that the images captured are clear and detailed, allowing for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

  2. Insertion Tube: The insertion tubes are flexible & elongated endoscope spare parts. Insertion tube is inserted into the body. It houses various endoscope attachments such as channels for instruments, irrigation, and suction. The flexibility and durability of the endoscopy parts are essential for navigating through the body’s internal pathways without causing damage.

  3. Control Handle: The control handles are vital endoscope parts for sale, providing the user with the ability to maneuver the insertion tube and operate various functions. Control handle includes controls for angulation, suction, and irrigation, as well as buttons for capturing images or videos. The ergonomic design of the control handle ensures ease of use and precision during procedures.

Sihanmed - Your Reliable Endoscope Replacement Parts Provider

The endoscopy equipment supplier Sihanmed focuses on medical technology and ensures the medical staff can use endoscopes or endoscopy machine parts with the highest performance for surgery.

  • Precision engineering: Our endoscope repair parts are made with the latest manufacturing technology and materials to ensure accuracy and durability.

  • Compatibility: We have a variety of endoscope spare parts for different brands to choose from. Please feel free to inquire about the endoscope spare parts you are interested in.

  • Quality assurance:  We strictly require all the endoscopy machine parts we produce to comply with the ISO13485 standard, to ensure that they meet or exceed industry standards.

  • Cost-effective: Our endoscope parts for sale are precisely designed and developed, maintaining performance while reducing costs.