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Types of Rigid Endoscopes

Rigid Endoscope Uses

Otolaryngology and Neck SurgeryOtoscope, Sinusoscope, Laryngoscope, Thyroidoscope
NeurologyVentriculoscopy, Neuroendoscopy
GastroenterologyEsophagoscopy, Proctoscopy
SurgeryLaparoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Mediastinoscopy, Choledochoscopy

Cystoscopy, Resectoscope, Percutaneous Nephroscopy, Ureteroscopy


Arthroscopy, Foraminal Endoscopy, Disc Endoscopy

Others3D Endoscope

Rigid Endoscope vs Flexible Endoscope

The choice between a rigid endoscope and a flexible endoscope is a pivotal decision in the realm of medical diagnostics and interventions, each offering distinctive advantages suited to specific applications.

What is a rigid endoscope and what is a rigid endoscope used for? The rigid endoscope definition refers to, endoscope characterized by its straight and unyielding structure, excels in delivering exceptional image quality and stability. Commonly employed in procedures like laparoscopy and arthroscopy, rigid endoscopes provide a fixed orientation and high-resolution visuals, enabling precise examination of targeted areas within the body.

In contrast, a flexible endoscope, distinguished by its pliable insertion tube, boasts unparalleled maneuverability. Ideal for navigating through intricate pathways and anatomical contours, flexible endoscopes find utility in gastroscopy and bronchoscopy, offering access to regions that might be challenging to reach with a rigid counterpart.

The decision between endoscope rigid and flexible endoscopes hinges on the specific clinical context and procedural requirements. While rigid endoscopes prioritize stability and image clarity, flexible endoscopes prioritize adaptability and accessibility. Ongoing advancements in endoscopic technologies continually refine the capabilities of both types, contributing to enhanced diagnostic accuracy and improved patient outcomes across diverse medical disciplines.

Handling and Maintenance Information for Rigid Endoscopes

After your purchase from rigid endoscope manufacturers, to safeguard your Endoscope, it is essential to adhere to the following instructions. Note that these guidelines are not intended as a manual for endoscopic surgery or as a training guide. To prevent defects or usage limitations, carefully follow the instructions for handling, storage, and transport, applicable to both new and previously used scopes.

  • Treat Endoscopes with delicacy, recognizing their fragility as optical devices.

  • Always hold the endoscope by its eyepiece or body, avoiding contact with the tube.

  • Refrain from bending the tube or subjecting it to mechanical stress.

  • Prevent any contact between the objective and other instruments or surfaces.

  • If possible, store the endoscopes individually.

  • Avoid dropping the endoscope to prevent damage.

  • As a precautionary measure, sterilize endoscopes that are not utilized during a specific surgery.

Are You Looking for Professional Repair of Rigid Endoscopes?

Sihanmed offers repair services for a variety of endoscopic instruments, such as arthroscopes, cystoscopes, ureteroscopes, percutaneous nephroscopes, and more. Our repair processes adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards, ensuring that your rigid endoscope is restored to high-quality specifications.