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Endoscope Cable for Medtronic M2M4

Brand new compatible cable for Medtronic XOMED Magnum II Straightshot Microdebrider and Medtronic M4 Straightshot Microdebrider;

Original performance and appearance;

Make repairs easy.

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  • endoscope cable for medtronic m2m4
  • endoscope cable for medtronic m2m4

Basic Information of Endoscope Cable for Medtronic M2M4

Which cameras are the cable compatible with?The cable is compatible with Medtronic M2M4.
Are the cables brand new?

Cable brand new guarantee.

How long is the cable warranty?

We provide 6-month warranty service for new standard parts wiring.

What are the differences between the cable and the original one?

The appearance is 1:1 replica of the original factory, and the performance is improved by 130%.

How to install the cable?

We provide relevant disassembly and assembly tutorials. For detailed information, please contact customer service after taking the photo.

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