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Rigid Endoscope Smith & Nephew Arthroscopy 72202087

The Smith & Nephew Arthroscopy Rigid Endoscope 72202087 stands at the forefront of innovative medical technology, delivering unparalleled precision in arthroscopic procedures. Crafted by Smith & Nephew, a distinguished name in the healthcare industry, this rigid endoscope served as  a common instrument used in arthroscopy, guarantees exceptional image quality and durability. The advanced design of smith & nephew arthroscopy facilitates seamless navigation within joint spaces, ensuring thorough diagnostics and efficient interventions. With a commitment to excellence, Smith & Nephew's Arthroscopy Rigid Endoscope 72202087 is a trusted choice for orthopedic surgeons seeking superior performance in arthroscopic interventions. Want to buy arthroscope? Looking for arthroscopy instruments suppliers and better arthroscopy instruments price? Choose us now!

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Specification of Rigid Endoscope Smith & Nephew Arthroscopy 72202087

Type of Scope


Part Number



Smith & Nephew


4.0 mm

Viewing direction


Working Length

160 mm



Camera Connection


Locking Mechanism


Light Post Direction



Large Joint Arthroscopy - Knee, Shoulder

Arthroscopy Meaning in the Medical Industry

  1. Arthroscopic equipment, such as hip arthroscopy Smith and Nephew and Smith & Nephew knee arthroscopy, make surgery more precise and safer by providing a clear view and high-precision surgical tools. This precision is especially important for surgeries on complex structures such as joints, which often involve tiny structures and complex anatomy.

  2. By using endoscopic equipment such as arthroscopes, doctors can perform surgery through very small incisions, which greatly reduces the trauma of the surgery to the patient, shortens recovery time, and reduces the risk of postoperative complications.

  3. Due to the minimally invasive nature of arthroscopic surgery, patients experience less postoperative pain, shorten recovery time, and are able to return to daily activities more quickly. This is of great significance for improving patients' quality of life and surgical satisfaction.

  4. The Smith & Nephew brand continues to incorporate the latest technologies and innovations into its products, such as improved optical systems, more efficient surgical tools and better patient-customized solutions. These innovations not only improve the effectiveness of surgery, but also promote technological progress in the entire medical industry.

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