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Endoscopy Light Source Repair

Modle: STORZ Light Source 20134020

Appearance check: check the appearance of the host intact, no obvious signs of external damage.

Failure phenomenon: host access to AC power, boot can not be lit normally.

Tear-down diagnosis: the host can not be turned on, judged to be the power module problem detection, there are components damaged, multiple chip burned, internal signal error. Timing light is on.

Maintenance program: ① repair power board ② timing zero ④ calibration output voltage, reinforce the internal firmware.

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endoscopic light source

Composition of medical cold light source

Main structure of light source

① LED chip: LED (Light Emitting Diode) chip is the core component of medical cold light source and is responsible for emitting light;

② Heat dissipation system: In order to maintain the stability and life of the light source, cold light sources are usually equipped with a heat dissipation system, such as radiators, fans or heat pipes, to effectively dissipate the generated heat;

③ Optical lens: The light source is focused and adjusted through the optical lens to meet the needs of different applications, such as adjusting the spot size and light intensity;

④ Shell and fixed bracket: Provide protection and stability, and provide support for the installation and fixation of the light source.

Light source circuit design

① Power supply: Medical cold light sources usually require DC power supply. The light source circuit design includes power input and power management circuit to ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply;

② Drive circuit: Provide appropriate current and voltage to the LED chip to ensure its normal lighting and operation;

③ Control circuit: Medical cold light sources usually have functions such as adjustable brightness, color temperature, etc. The control circuit is responsible for receiving control signals and adjusting the parameters of the light source.

Light source control system

Control panel: Medical cold light source are usually equipped with a control panel, which is used to operate and adjust the parameters of the light source, such as brightness, color temperature and mode selection;

Connection interface: The control system of the light source can also include interfaces to connect to other devices or systems, such as wireless control, data transmission or external triggering interfaces.

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