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Olympus Camera OTV-S7 Repair Case

Working principle of Olympus hysteroscope and laparoscope

In recent years, with the development of medical technology, minimally invasive technology has been widely used in various medical fields, especially the promotion and use of hysteroscope and laparoscope, which has brought good news to the majority of patients. The development of hysteroscope and laparoscopic surgery has reduced the pain of surgery for patients, shortened the recovery period of patients, and relatively reduced the medical expenses of patients. It is a surgical project that has developed rapidly in recent years. However, the medical units using its equipment are very worried about the more expensive accessories and consumables. Now I would like to introduce some of the experiences summarized by our hospital in the past few years for reference by peers to reduce the losses caused by human factors.

Hysteroscope and laparoscope is an instrument with a miniature camera. Hysteroscope and laparoscopic surgery is a surgery performed using hysteroscope and laparoscope and related instruments. Cold light source is used to provide lighting, and the hysteroscope and laparoscope lens are inserted into the uterine cavity or abdominal cavity. Digital camera technology is used to transmit the image captured by the hysteroscope and laparoscope lens to the post-stage signal processing system through optical fiber, and it is displayed in real time on a dedicated monitor. The doctor then analyzes and judges the patient's condition through images of the patient's organs from different angles displayed on the monitor screen, and uses special hysteroscopic and laparoscopic instruments to perform the operation. After the operation, it can be said that the wound is small and the pain is small, so some people call it "keyhole" surgery.

Repair case

Equipment model: Olympus OTV-S7 camera

Appearance inspection: Appearance is worn out due to normal use

Fault detection: Shaking the cable at the camera end causes flickering and stripes

Fault cause: The internal signal line of the cable is broken

Repair plan: Repair cable