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Types of Endoscope Camera

Endoscope Camera Application / Endoscope Camera Uses

An endoscope camera, also named as endoscope camera video,  is a device that can be used to see, record, and operate on the inside of the human body in places that are hard to reach or have low visibility. It can help doctors diagnose and treat various medical conditions, such as ulcers, cancers, infections, and joint problems. Some common types of endoscopy are:

  • Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: This is when an endoscope camera is inserted through the mouth to examine the esophagus, stomach, and the first part of the small intestine.

  • Colonoscopy: This is when an endoscope camera is inserted through the rectum to examine the colon and screen for colorectal cancer.

  • Bronchoscopy: This is when an endoscope camera is inserted through the nose or mouth to examine the airways and lungs. The endoscope camera size of it is smaller than above.

  • Cystoscopy: This is when an endoscope camera is inserted through the urethra to examine the bladder and urethra.

  • Arthroscopy: This is when an endoscope camera is inserted into a joint to visualize, diagnose, and sometimes treat conditions affecting the joints.

camera used in endoscopy

Medical Endoscope Camera Maintenance

Routine maintenance of the endoscopic camera system includes the following:

  • Clean the casing, buttons and interfaces of the camera system regularly to prevent dust and dirt from affecting the normal operation of the system.

  • The lens of the camera system should be disinfected and cleaned regularly to maintain clear image quality.

  • Regularly check whether the cables and connecting wires of the camera system are intact. If damaged, replace them in time.

  • Keep the camera system well-ventilated to avoid overheating caused by long-term use.

Common Faults of the Endoscope Camera System

  • Common faults of the camera imaging system

(A) The image is noisy. This may be due to interference from high-frequency equipment such as an electric knife. In this case, we need to check the connection between the camera and the shielded wire. Another possibility is that the shielding layer of the signal line is worn out from long-term use. Then we need to see if the camera connection is loose or the whole wire is old. The former can be fixed by re-soldering, while the latter requires replacing the wire. Therefore, we should avoid letting the wires be crushed by the instrument cart or surgical cart on the floor.

(B) Image color cast. If the white balance and other equipment settings are correct, but the color of the scene is still distorted, it may be caused by the aging or defect of the wire, the camera circuit components, or the camera CCD. In this case, we need to replace the relevant parts.

(C) Malfunctions of the camera host are rare. If a software failure (program failure) occurs, it can only be solved by sending the camera back to the manufacturer to change the program chip.

  • Common faults of the image recording system

(A) The foot switch is broken.

(B) The video cable is poorly connected.

(C) The computer hardware is malfunctioning.

(D) The system software or image acquisition software is faulty.

  • Common faults of the light source system

(A) The light is dim. This may be because the light barrier is blocked, or more likely, the bulb is reaching the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. The lifespan of xenon light bulbs is usually 500 hours. If the light source system has a life timer device, this problem can be easily detected.

(B) The light bulb does not turn on. If the bulb is not burnt out, then the problem may be in the high-voltage ignition circuit of the host. When the machine is turned on, it generates a pulsed high voltage of tens of thousands of volts, which can cause the components to age quickly. Note that you cannot use a multimeter to measure the pulse high voltage.

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