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Stryker Camera 1288 Repair Case

Equipment model: Stryker camera 1288-210-105

Appearance inspection: Appearance is normal due to wear and tear

Fault detection: Color is reddish after installation

Fault cause: Camera CCD color control module is damaged

Maintenance plan: Replace CCD

Design and implementation of medical endoscope imaging system

Through the medical endoscope, a medical diagnostic instrument widely used in hospitals, doctors can use their naked eyes to examine the various organs inside the patient's body, so as to detect the lesions in the patient's body and the specific development of the disease as early as possible. Therefore, the medical endoscope is one of the key medical imaging equipment in the doctor's treatment and diagnosis process. The widespread use of computers has enabled them to continue to penetrate into all walks of life in society, and the medical and health field is no exception. In view of some shortcomings of the traditional medical endoscope imaging system, we digitize its imaging system on its basis, that is, use computers or related network technologies to digitize medical images. The digital endoscope imaging system can better handle a series of problems in the medical diagnosis process, such as digital acquisition, digital processing, digital storage, and digital transmission of medical images. The following will design and introduce the digital medical endoscope imaging system.

Main hardware of endoscopic imaging system

The medical endoscope imaging system designed this time mainly uses high-performance electronic devices and optical components from home and abroad, and uses embedded processors CPU and large-scale programmable logic devices FPGA for video image processing. At the same time, it forms a digital medical endoscope imaging system together with high-resolution optical and CCD systems. The main hardware of the medical endoscope imaging system includes: (1) laparoscope system endoscope (laparoscope/hysteroscope); (2) monitor; (3) CCD; (4) endoscope imaging system; (5) video acquisition card; (6) color printer; (7) foot switch. The key parts are the design of the endoscope camera system and the design of the optical light path. The reliability design of each system is also particularly important for medical products.